Webinar – Don’t Lose Your Big Fish (August 7th)

August 7th, 2018 10am MST – Don’t Lose Your Big Fish

Training is key to any business success yet in most companies, training stops after the first few weeks of employment.  Why? It’s not because there is nothing new to learn, it’s most likely because there just isn’t a consistent process in place for continuous education.

As an IT company we are always on the look out for the latest and greatest software, system and solutions to everyday issues.  We have found a great resource to tackle the age old training problem.  Check it out! Don’t lose your big fish because your employees are eating sushi at the service desk.

Referencing sushi is just our way of making light on a very serious issue. The wrong word, the uninformed action and your company could stand to lose $1000s in revenue. This webinar will show you our proven process in keeping all of your training documents available and accessible when your employees need them. We can show you how automation makes the training process dummy-proof.


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