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For over a decade, Applied Integration has focused on the IT Support and Management for Lumber and Building Material Retailer businesses across the country.  With over 25 years serving this market, our Founder has a unique understanding of the demands of the retail environment and has developed the processes and solutions that are critical to keeping customers moving through your business without traffic jams at your sales counters.

Our proactive approach to maintenance, combined with our national reach, ensures that no matter where your business is located, your people get the immediate help they need. Our Team is made up of highly qualified, professional technicians who know your businesses unique software and requirements. Our close working relationship with major software companies–providers of Spruce, Rock Solid and all the others–means that you won’t get caught in the middle between the hardware and software folks if there is an issue.  We know the major packages, we know the requirements of each and we will work with the software vendors on your behalf to solve any issues quickly and without any finger pointing.

Being completely focused on IT management, we know where the other high value data lives in your business. Your current Software Support contract may not be covering it, but our solutions will ensure it is all protected. And our Hosted Solutions can get you out of the cycle of buying or updating expense Server hardware every few years.



Your lumberyard has evolved, and the requirements to keep your IT Systems running smoothly have evolved right along with it.  Gone are the days when you knew your system could run undisturbed in the back closet with very little ongoing maintenance.  Today, you might be exchanging EDI transactions with your Vendors, counting Inventory on the floor with a mobile device and allowing your sales staff to connect remotely from your Customer’s job site.  Things have changed, and the Company you trust with the management of your Systems needs to understand your requirements exactly.


Not that many years ago, getting through a computer system outage wasn’t overly difficult, most people could hand write a ticket and all of your inventory had a price tag on it.  Today, a system outage can literally bring your business to a screeching halt and is something that, quite frankly, cannot be tolerated.  Whether you have your own servers in the back closet, or you run off hosted servers, you need your systems running all day, every day.  When your system is compromised, you need technicians that can prioritize steps and proactively head off problems before they translate into a down system.


Your Customers won’t tolerate standing in line at slow checkout counters and you can’t expect your employees to be able to get their work done if you have sluggish systems.  Everyone is doing more with less people, so it’s critical that you don’t allow overwhelmed systems to slow down productivity.  In today’s environment, having smooth running systems that keep your people productive and stress free is easy to accomplish, but only with the right Team.   It takes IT professionals with a comprehensive approach and a deep understanding of every aspect of the complex system that makes up your Industry specific IT infrastructure.


Workloads are growing and it’s not getting any easier to find good people.  Your systems need to be structured so that your people have prompt access to the right set of tools, where and when they need them.  Any time a pad and pencil enters into the picture, there’s probably a productivity tool that can streamline the work.  Your IT Team should understand the work that’s being done in and out of your business and be able to bring you a suite of solutions designed to complement your Software system and enable your Employees to do more in less time.


We all know that there are new competitors popping up every day, trying to steal Customers away.  Any weakness in how you Service your Customer can leave you exposed to the risk of losing them to someone who will treat them better, charge them less, or perhaps even do both.  Having information at their fingertips, systems that are stable and responsive, and being well trained in how to use those systems are all vital parts of ensuring your Employees can treat your Customers the way they expect and deserve to be treated.  Don’t let inflexible, slow, or unstable systems chip away at your overall Customer Service delivery or potentially cost you their business entirely.



Your storefront operation now has to compete not only with the big chain store down the street but also with the online retailer that is trying to steal all your retail transactions.  Under this increasing pressure, taking excellent care of those Customers that come into your business has never been more important.  If your IT Service Provider doesn’t understand this, and isn’t an ally in your battle to keep your Customers, you may be doomed.


As your software has evolved to be more flexible, the tools and ways you use that software have also been given a green light to evolve.  A phrase we like to use is “take the tool to the work” and that applies to your retail floor as much as to the business your people are transacting beyond your walls.  Make sure as you choose an IT Service provider that you choose one with demonstrated knowledge of the specific requirements of your software and an ability to think creatively about how your folks should be using it.


Any Technician can fire up a Server and send you on your way to work out the Software issues, but let’s face it, the line between hardware and software isn’t easily defined.  It’s more important than ever before to work with Technicians who are skilled in keeping infrastructure running underneath the software.  This only can happen if your IT Team understands the requirements of the Software and the Hardware.  Our strong relationships with the Lumber Software Industry Leaders places us in a unique position to be your trusted Integration Partner, not just the Hardware specialist.


You’ve got a business to run and you shouldn’t be tasked with thinking about all the things that must be done to keep things running smoothly.  Your Technical Team needs to be intimately aware of all aspects of the systems that run your business, and accountable for their health and stability at all times.  Gone are the days when an IT Firm was judged by how fast they could respond to a problem, now you need to judge them by how well they understand your system and how accountable they are to keeping it running smoothly.


You never need a disaster plan until that day when you suddenly need a disaster plan.  It’s scary to think that that plan can be the difference between recovering from something bad or closing your doors forever.  Our National footprint means we’ve experienced just about everything from hurricanes to lumberyard fires.  Don’t trust the survival of your business to someone who doesn’t really understand what would be required to get your business operational after a disaster.  Make sure you choose a partner who can help you plan for the worst in hopes that you’ll never need it.



Just like you have that big chain that offers low prices in exchange for indifferent customer service, we often find ourselves facing the “local computer guy” who wants you to believe that his “local presence” trumps our Industry Expertise.  Don’t be fooled into putting a huge emphasis on the locality of the Technical Team your working with, because today’s highly connected systems mean that a Technician is literally just a couple of seconds from your desktop at any minute.  The local IT business that is centered around guys in trucks running around all day fixing problems is ill prepared to really proactively manage your systems the way they need to be managed.  That local guy who is now trying to resolve a complex issue with your Lumberyard system probably doesn’t have the industry specific knowledge necessary to really solve your issue, and his next stop will probably be in another business that is completely different than yours.  Our Team works with Lumber Systems all day, every day, and there is no real substitute for that industry specific experience.

Your IT provider should fit your business, not force your business to fit into their model.


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